1. How can I get a Quote for a Chalkboard?

It's pretty simple. All you need to do is email us at chalkofthetown@hotmail.com or find Chalk of the Town's Custom Order Form 


For any order, Chalk of the Town needs as much information as you can provide. If your sign is for a wedding, We would need to know what material you were after, Chalkboards, Wooden, Perspex etc. Then what type of signage or chalkboards you wanted, what wording you wanted, if you wanted any art or not, the number of signs or chalkboards you were after and the date of your wedding. Don't worry, If you aren't sure on what you are after as we can also help you with that.

For non-weddings Chalk of the Town would need the following information as unfortunately, it is impossible to quote on just the size you required: Please send the date it's required, colours you want, the information you want on the sign or chalkboard, artwork if any, theme/style etc and your postcode. Please attach any artwork if you want specific added.

Please forward on any printed materials you would like to be used for the designing of your signs or chalkboards.


**Please note collection is Bunbury. Postage is available at your expense which I can quote you on. Unless otherwise agreed**

2. How do I order a chalkboard?

That's easy. Chalk of the Town will send you an invoice with the payment details. A 50% Non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your booking. Payment must be made 7 days after the first initial invoice is sent. If no payment has been made your booking may go to somebody else. Once payment has been made and cleared Chalk of the Town will need the following information from you: Full Name, Date required, Email, Address (if being posted), Contact Number, Number of signs or chalkboards and if for a wedding your partner's name. We will then contact you approx 3/4 weeks before your wedding date to design your signs. If it's not for a wedding your signage will be designed and completed by the date required by you.

No, your booking fee is not refundable. If you cancel your wedding please don't ask us if we will refund your booking fee. A 50% booking fee is needed to secure your booking which means that this date is booked out and nobody else can book for this date. Because this date is booked Chalk of the Town will turn any other potential clients away who enquires as we will already have a booking for that said date. If you simply just change your mind your booking fee will also be non-refundable.


We are happy to help and discuss options! Please do speak to Chalk of the Town about it as I'm sure we can come up with some sort of agreement. 

3. Is my booking fee refundable?

Unfortunately, Chalk of the Town doesn't supply A-frames or Easels. Your venue or stylist may have them available. If not, you could always purchase one off of Ebay or your local facebook buy and sell page. 

4. Do you hire out A-Frames or Easels?

You may notice a small label on the back of our signs with Chalk of the Town's information. Any work that Chalk of the Town designs will have our signature discreetly located on the sign. We would also appreciate it if you would credit our signage and chalkboards where needs be.

5. Labelling my Artwork.

ETA's can vary depending on what signage or chalkboards you have ordered. For weddings, you can expect your sign or chalkboard 1-3 weeks before your wedding or events date unless otherwise agreed.

Should you require your signage before your wedding/event (Such as prior delivery to a stylist), you should inform us of this at the time of booking. If you do not know this at the time, you should tell us as soon as possible. This is to be no later than four weeks prior to the required date.

If you do NOT tell us and then require it sooner, we can take NO responsibility for the item not being ready on time. All signage will automatically be completed and posted 1-3 weeks before required date.

For weddings, Chalk of the Town needs as much notice as possible to do your signage or chalkboards when booking. In the height of the bridal season, we can be booked out for 6 months in advance.

6. When will my signage be ready?
7. Important things to know before ordering:

Please note, that even though Chalk of the Town take pride in all of our signage and chalkboards, you may see faint pencil lines, brush or pen marks. Please note that we do these signs by hand and even though we do take the time and care to make these signs 100% perfect for you, they may vary from an original image you have supplied or a computerised proof that you have proofed. Please remember they are done by hand and if you don't want something to look like it's been done by hand then please go to a PRINTERS!

If you have ordered a Plywood sign then please note that even though Chalk of the Town hand pick all of our boards, there may be some imperfections like wood splitting, wood grains, cracks and any other imperfection because they are made from a natural product. If you do NOT like imperfections then please do not order plywood signage. 

Perspex signage - Chalk of the Town order only the best quality acrylic from a local supplier. We have them cut to size and delivered to us carefully. Acrylic is made from synthetic resins and textile fibre and although is shatter proof is prone to chip if the utmost care is not provided. If you choose to have your perspex sign shipped or couriered to you please do not hold us responsible if your sign is delivered to you with a chip. We send you final proofs of your product to approve and we package our signage carefully so we can NOT take responsibility what happens once it leaves our hands. 



8. Postage:


Chalk of the Town has postage available at your own cost through Australia Post only. We will quote you postage separately to the original invoice. As weights vary for different items, postage will be quoted upon completion of the signage, once weighed and priced by the post office. Once your signs have been posted we, Chalk of the Town can take NO responsibility for what happens to your parcel during the delivery process. We take final photos of every item before it is handed over to the post office.   


  • ·         If the item/s are lost, stolen or damaged during the delivery process, we cannot refund your monies.

  • ·         If a natural disaster strikes and causes your parcel to get damaged, lost, stolen or not delivered on time we cannot refund your monies.


You can however further purchase express (next day) delivery with a tracking number and insurance to give you an extra piece of mind. Unless this is arranged by the client, any posted items will be sent on standard post.  

Chalk of the Town Signwriting & Illustrations takes no responsibility for any damaged or wet parcels, as we wrap the packages with care in bubble wrap and have ‘fragile’ stickers on the parcels.

If you do not wish to purchase postage then Collection is available.


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