Why Choose our Signage?

Every wedding & event needs a hand created sign or chalkboard. A welcome sign/chalkboard to greet your guests is a great place to start. You can have them personalised and custom made to suit your needs. A seating plan will keep your reception chaos and stress-free. Menu's & Buffet signs/chalkboards keep your guests informed of what food is planned and you can effectively save on printing. There are so many signs or chalkboards that you can have at your wedding. There's Order of the day signs, love quotes, bar menus, welcome chalkboards or Seating Plans, the possibilities are endless and any sign/chalkboard will be an amazing addition to any wedding.

Are you having a birthday bash or need a prop for a photoshoot? Are you having a baby and would like something unique for their nursery? Custom Bespoke signage and chalkboards are what you need. Chalk of the Town can even design something for that personal gift you have been searching for that someone special.

We only use the best materials to ensure that your product is 100% amazing! We make our own premium chalkboard paint, Use permanent posca pens and we seal every sign or chalkboard to ensure it is smudge proof and that anything we create will stay vibrant for years to come and lasts you a lifetime.

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