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Sign Writing - A dying art!!

October 7, 2016

Signwriting has been around since the Roman Times and it is without a doubt the most cost effective appealing way to get your message across whether it's for a Restaurant, Retail, Weddings or an Event it all does the same thing - but for some reason, it's a dying art! 


Just by adding a couple of illustrations (chalk art) to your sign can make a HUGE difference to your sales. In fact, it's actually been proven that people eat with their eyes and having a colourful attractive illustration of food or beverages can subconsciously make people purchase that extra Milkshake or that Deluxe burger instead of the Chicken burger - pretty awesome, Right? 


 So, Instead of going for your self-adhesive signs (which cost a fortune) go for some hand painted/hand drawn Signwriting. You wont be Disappointed! 






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Sign Writing - A dying art!!

October 7, 2016

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