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Should i have a seating plan at my wedding?

March 2, 2017

Are seating plans really needed at your wedding reception? Yes!! A seating plan is actually more important than most brides realise. Apart from being professionally made, seating plans look, well... AMAZING and they're a great way to welcome your guest to the reception area.


Seating plans do have a lot more uses than that which brides may often oversee. For example, if you do NOT have a seating plan for your guests to know where they are all sitting it may just end up being a massive free for all. Guests will be pulling chairs from one table to another so they can sit with 'their group', You will have couples not being able to sit together or even worse, people having to sit alone! How uncomfortable would that be? You will have half full tables, empty tables and you may even end up having to have extra tables and chairs to accommodate everybody else. 



Now, lets think about your professional photographs of your reception that you will be spending thousands on. Having no seating plan for your guests may mean that your venue is offset and your professional photos won't look as amazing as you first visioned, you may have a table with 15 shoved in chairs and a table with 4 chairs, 50 guests around one table and 2 guests on another. It may even mean that the family of the bride and groom may not be able to get a table near to the dance floor so they can witness the first dance. How terrible would that be? 






Any good wedding co-ordinator will tell you to have a seating plan in place because it is less stressful for you and for things to run smoothly, guests need to be babied! So do yourself a favor and get a seating chart professionally made for you. You won't be disappointed with how it looks. 




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Should i have a seating plan at my wedding?

March 2, 2017

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