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Top 3 Must have Signs you should have at your wedding

April 26, 2017

We have been doing this gig for a while now and on the way we have learnt a few things. Today, we are going to share our Top 3 must have signs at your wedding. Pinterest is FULL of ideas for your wedding and they may tell you to have every sign under the sun at your wedding. That's all fine and dandy until 1. You either have to make them yourself or 2. you have to get a professional, like ourselves,  to do them for you. We believe that these top 3 signs are a must have at you wedding and this is why! 


1. Welcome Signs

A welcome sign at your wedding can be a work of art. They are very practical to have for a couple of reasons. 1 being they welcome your guests. 2. they also let you guests know that they have arrived at the right place and lastly, if done correctly, they can look AMAZING and add that lovely bespoke feel your day. You can see some of our favourite welcome signs over on the WA Weddings blog.



2. Seating Plan 

Seating Plans are HUGELY important at your wedding especially if you are having a sit down extravaganza!  They keep your wedding reception chaos and stress free for YOU and your Husband- It's your special day, you dont want to be worrying about where people sit. 2. If you have spent thousands of $$$ on a top wedding photographer (let's face it, must of us do!) then you NEED to have a seating plan in place. If there is no seating plan then your amazing photos could all be off centre and imbalanced. This leads me into my 3rd reason a seating plan is a must! Your guests will generally want to sit together and if you dont have a seating plan in place they will find there own seating. This can cause utter Chaos. Ive heard horror stories where the Bride and Grooms parents couldnt see the first dance because they got pushed to the back and had the worst seats. Ive heard that couples get separated because there isn't enough seats for them to sit together and Ive heard that there's been empty tables and tables with 50 chairs around one so friends could sit together throwing the whole room setting off, and last but not least a seating plan makes it easier for people to be served there meal. 

A very talented wedding stylist once said to me that guests at a wedding need to be babied. No matter if you have 200 guests or 30 guests a seating plan is a must! 



3. Unplugged Signage


Having an unplugged sign at your ceremony is very important. You want your guests to be 100% present with you during your ceremony and not worrying about taking snaps especially if you have forked out for a wedding photographer. If you ask any photographer an unplugged wedding is their worst nightmare! You guests get in there way of taking the perfect shot for you, they can also distract other guests from you and your groom and You dont want camera flashes and camera click sounds going off whilst you are in the middle of your vows and last but not least, there's nothing worse them getting your stunning pictures back and half of your guests have the faces buried in there devices. So, do yourself a favour and get an unplugged sign! 




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Top 3 Must have Signs you should have at your wedding

April 26, 2017

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